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Technology Safety

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The SAFV Staff

Technology Safety
  • Use a safe computer, such as a public one at a library.

  • Create a new e-mail account. Use an anonymous name and account. Do not provide detailed information about yourself.

  • Change all passwords. Avoid obvious ones or ones that your abuser may be able to guess.

  • Check your settings on social networking sites, such as Facebook. Don’t post personal information about yourself. Think about what you’re “sharing.”

  • Use a donated or new cell phone– phone bills and call logs may reveal your plans to an abuser.

  • Block your number (*67).

  • Be cautious when giving out personal information. Try to never give out your true residential address.

  • Minimize use of cordless phones or baby monitors.

  • Do internet searches on yourself to see what information is out there and available.

  • Trust your instincts. If you suspect your abuser knows too much, it is possible that your phone, computer, e-mail, and other activities are being monitored.

  • Talk to an advocate who can additionally assist you with safety planning.


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