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Our volunteers put in more than 4,200 hours last year to to help with fundraisers, awareness ribbon campaigns, and to answer calls on our 24/7 Crisis Hotline. 

Cally's Helping Hands Volunteer of the Year
SAFV Task Force
Amy Knotts.jpeg


Amy has been a crisis- line volunteer for almost four years. Despite her busy life, she has been consistent in taking call. She is not only an invaluable volunteer, but an instrumental agency partner as the Clerk of Circuit Court. She is our go-to person. We enjoy Amy’s bubbly personality, honesty, and support for survivors in Sublette County.

Cally's Helping Hands

Cally McKee was a strong advocate of the power of non-profits and volunteering and understood the stability and cache these organizations give to communities. She practiced what she preached and was a volunteer many times over herself. For seven years, Callys' Helping Hands has honored the memory of Cally McKee with an appreciation dinner for selected volunteers nominated by non-profits in Sublette County. 

Golf Tourny 2019.JPG

Volunteers, family, staff, and board members at our 2019 Golf Tournament fundraiser.

Christmas 2019.jpeg

Staff and crisis-line volunteers at our 2019 Christmas party. 

Becoming a Volunteer

Sublette County SAFV Task Force relies heavily on our volunteers. Each crisis-line volunteer has gone through 40 hours of advocate training. They also complete 10 hours of additional training each year to continue their education and reinforce their knowledge of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and family violence. 

Other volunteers help us during fundraisers, with our awareness ribbon campaigns, and with various other events that SAFV participates in.

We offer crisis-line volunteer training in the spring and are always looking for volunteers to help us stop violence in Sublette County. If you would like to volunteer, contact the office and we can get you started on the way to becoming a survivor advocate!

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