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 SAFV's Services

Any individual is eligible for SAFV services if that person or their family is or has been a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.  No one will be denied services because of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, age, physical disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship or sources of financial support. 

Our services are provided without cost to the individual. 

Services Include (but are not limited to):


¨ 24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 1-888-301-4435

¨ Emergency shelter (ADA accessible)

¨ Family Violence/Stalking/Sexual Assault Protection Order assistance

¨ Crime Victim’s Compensation

¨ Peer counseling & emotional support

¨ A lending library

¨ Violence prevention education programs

¨ Training of volunteer advocates

¨ Life Skills to enable independence

¨ Women’s support group

¨ Legal & medical advocacy

¨ Referrals


Any service receiver can file a discrimination complaint with the

Wyoming Attorney General’s Office,

Division of Victim Services

 (307) 777-7200

and/or the Office of Civil Rights

Sublette County
Emergency Resources


Emergency                    911


SAFV Office

Pinedale 367-6305

Big Piney 276-3975

24-Hr. Hotline 1-888-301-4435


Sheriff’s Office

Pinedale 367-4378

Marbleton 276-3735


Medical Clinic

Pinedale 367-4133

Marbleton 276-3306


Public Health Nurse

Pinedale 367-2157

Big Piney 276-3575


High County Behavioral Health

Pinedale 367-2111


Southwest Counseling

Pinedale 367-6445


Sublette Co. Attorney & Victim Witness

Pinedale 367-2300


Department of Family Services

Pinedale 367-4124


Pregnancy Resource Center

Pinedale 367-7077

Big Piney 276-3433

24-Hr. Hotline 1-800-395-HELP


Supported in part by the Office of the Attorney General

Division of Victim Services

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